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MCC Corporate College launches manufacturing skills training program at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Investing in the current workforce is also an investment in the future.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – April 1, 2014 – MCC Corporate College trainers currently are delivering instruction in a comprehensive Set-Up Technician Training Program onsite at the Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. plant locations in Fairport and Penfield. Participants in the first year of a two-year program will complete 12 distinct courses and 256 hours of classroom and hands-on training including Machine Math, Blue Print Reading, Mechanical and Electrical Skills, Hydraulic Maintenance Technology, Troubleshooting, and three levels of Plastics Injection Molding. Year two course and application work will follow. All instructors are adjunct professors or contract training consultants for MCC Corporate College.

Companies can save in the long run by investing now in compensation restructuring and training to improve employee engagement. According to findings by Taleo Corp., a talent management solutions provider, a company that loses 500 employees during the economic recovery may face turnover costs of $75 million, while a company that spends $2 million raising employee engagement could avoid these costs and see a return on investment of 3,650 percent.

“As a leading manufacturer of laboratory products, we recognize the need to invest in the area’s workforce,” said Jeremy Sharkey, plant manager for the local Thermo Fisher Scientific sites. “We are pleased to be working with MCC to provide a unique technical development program for our employees that complements our internal development programs. The MCC staff did a great job working closely with our engineering and human resources departments to develop a tailored program to fit our needs.”

“MCC Corporate College takes an innovative approach in providing workforce solutions,” said Todd Oldham, vice president of MCC’s Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services. “Within the past year, we have designed more than 90 course offerings to specifically address the training and workforce needs of the region for businesses and individuals. As a catalyst for economic development, MCC enables workers to build stronger futures and works with employers like Thermo Fisher Scientific to stay competitive in the global market and contribute to the economic vitality of the region.”

MCC Corporate College delivers training and professional development solutions for regional businesses, industries, organizations, and individuals. Our training experts analyze client needs and then provide professional guidance to identify the most essential training goals – including a written learning and development recommendation – and present cost-effective, customizable, measurable programs with desired outcomes. To learn more about the MCC Corporate College ( and how custom programming can support your business, call 585-292-3770 or

MCC Corporate College also offers professional development opportunities for individuals. A complete schedule of classes is available, any of which can be adapted to meet the custom needs of an organization.


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