Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Corporate College and Workforce Development?
Corporate College serves corporate clients and provides professional development and certification programs to employees. Workforce Development provides training programs through community based organizations, often focusing on skilled trades and blue or gold collar workers.
Is Corporate College able to deliver programs at my company location?
Yes. Kelly Brown Lonis, Manager, Corporate Relations would be happy to talk to you about your professional development needs – credit and non-credit solutions are available. After your consultation, you will receive a written proposal outlining Corporate College’s custom learning and development recommendations. Please so not hesitate to reach out to Kelly at 585-685-6182 or
How will Corporate College engage my organization to address our learning and development needs?
Corporate College is client-centric and consultative. We’ll work with you one-on-one to identify your company’s specific needs; provide formal learning and development recommendations; deliver the solution(s), provide evaluation; and suggest continuous learning options.
Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, we accept Visa or MasterCard.
Are you able to invoice me for a course instead of paying upfront?
Yes, arrangements can be made if you are being sponsored by a company/employer. Please contact us at 585-685-6004 to discuss your specific situation.
Does my program fee cover the cost of required textbooks and/or materials?
In most cases yes. If books and materials are not included, that will be clearly stated prior to registration.
Where should I park?
For courses located at Corporate College (321 State Street, 7th floor, located at MCC’s new Downtown Campus), a shared parking lot located on the corner orf Plymouth Avenue and Morrie Silver Way is available. If you are enrolled in a course offered at one of MCC’s other campuses, you will receive applicable parking instructions upon registration for the course.
What if a course I've registered for is cancelled?
Occasionally, we need to cancel a course and in that situation we make every effort to notify participants as far in advance as is possible. In those cases, we will attempt to transfer you to a different section, find an alternate course, or offer a full refund. To avoid disappointment, we recommend registering for courses early. Click here to view our current schedule of courses.
Is it possible to obtain a transcript for non-credit courses?
Yes, requests are handled on a case by case basis. Please contact us at for assistance.
Is it possible to obtain a 1098T for non-credit tuition?
MCC does not issue 1098T forms for non-credit courses. However, we encourage you to work with an accountant and/or tax professional regarding your specific tax situation, and inquire about a lifelong learning allowance.
Will Corporate College provide me with job placement assistance?
Corporate College does not provide job placement services at this time. As an alternative, we encourage you to contact MCC Career Services.
Are you able to guarantee immediate employment upon completion of MCC career training programs?
MCC goes through a process of extensive research prior to development and delivery of career programs; our focus is on occupations deemed “in demand” by the New York State Department of Labor. Unfortunately, MCC is not able to influence all of the many factors involved with obtaining employment, so we are unable to guarantee job placement.
Is financial assistance available for non-credit programs?
Non-credit programs are not eligible for traditional forms of financial aid (TAP, Pell, Stafford Loans, etc.). However, you may be eligible for funding through a current grant or community partner. Please send a summary of your needs and current employment situation to and we will do our best to direct you accordingly.
If I enroll in a non-credit program, will I have access to MCC facilities (i.e. pool, weight room, etc.)?

Participants in non-credit courses are not charged a student activity fee. Therefore, access to college facilities is not provided.
If I enroll in a non-credit program, will I be eligible to apply for MCC on-campus housing?
You must be a full-time student, matriculated in an MCC degree program in order to apply for MCC on-campus housing. Click here for more information.