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MCC Awarded State Funding to Prepare Learners for High-Need Careers

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BRIGHTON, N.Y. –Aug. 26, 2014- Monroe Community College is among 37 SUNY campuses that will receive state funding to educate and train students for high-demand careers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today.

MCC will receive more than $42,000 to expand its curriculum for cloud computing, allowing students to complete courses online toward a cybersecurity certificate. Students studying cloud computing learn to build, test, operate and maintain cloud-based, mobile-enhanced networking and security systems.

The funds are in addition to last year’s state award of nearly $170,000 to develop curriculum for cloud computing and to outfit an existing information and computer technologies laboratory with hardware and software needed to provide the education and training.

The curriculum is embedded in a cybersecurity certificate program that prepares students for employment as specialists in information assurance, network security and cybersecurity.

People who benefit from MCC’s cloud computing courses are students seeking to immediately enter the field as IT technicians, incumbent workers who want to upgrade their skills, and displaced workers looking to change careers. The courses also enable IT professionals to build on their skill sets and stay current with the growing demands and challenges of mobile technologies on computer networks and security.

The Finger Lakes region is projected to have approximately 410 job openings each year in areas related to computer security and information assurance.

Media Contact:
Hency Yuen-Eng
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