Fundamentals of Project Management

This comprehensive 3-day course provides practical experience in proven project management techniques and a wealth of valuable, flexible tools for immediate use. This course covers how to balance the triple constraint – scope, schedule, and budget – while delivering a quality product, service or result. It examines processes required to ensure projects includes all the work required only to successful completion. Learn how to plan scope management, define scope, create a work breakdown structure (WBS), validate the scope, and control the scope by monitoring the status of the project and product spoke and managing changes to the scope baseline. Also learn how to define and sequence activities, estimate activity durations and plan, estimate, budget, finance, fund, manage, and control costs so projects complete within the approved budget.

NOTE - For Fall 2020 Classes meet live via ZOOM on Tuesdays.

Examine processes required to identify the people, groups, or organizations that could impact or be impacted by the project, to analyze stakeholder expectations and their impact on the project, and to develop appropriate management strategies for effectively engaging stakeholders in project decisions and execution. Also learn how to get the most out of your project management team, whether a closely-knit group assigned full time to the project or individuals who have many responsibilities.

This workshop covers material from PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). It is also the first four days of our five-day course titled Project Management Body of Knowledge Primer. The difference between this class and the primer course is that if you have an interest in acquiring a more in-depth knowledge of project management, you might consider enrolling in this course.

Fundamentals of Project Management (39586)

10/13/2020 - 11/17/2020
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
6 - Tuesday
Certified Success
Training Rm 2
Economic & Workforce Development Center
Classes may be conducted remotely, via Zoom, pending classroom delivery resumption.