Professional Development

Universal Robots Operator Training (Certified)

This course is based on 32-contact hours of curriculum developed by Universal Robots. Through this course you will have hands-on experience with a UR robot. You will have programmed the robot several times to perform common tasks, including the operation of common peripherals (conveyors, sensors, grippers). You will be able to optimize a pick and place program, perform palletization operations, understand safety concepts, and know the additional resources available to you. Completing the course, you will then be ready to create programs in an industrial setting or continue on with your learning journey and create more complex programming applications.

You must have completed the UR Academy free e-Learning Core Track before attending this course.

Universal Robots Operator Training (Certified) (48547)

11/5/2024 - 11/27/2024
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
8 - Tuesday, Wednesday
Aleija Wright
6th Fl Room 6630
FWD Center, 321 State St, Rochester, NY 14608